One of the reasons I love this illustration so much is because it shows how powerful a minimalistic and simple illustration can be. The illustration was created by designer Thomas Danthony.


One factor that makes this composition great is its use of the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is when you separate a piece into 3 sections, vertically and horizontally. Along these lines and where these lines intersect, is the most aesthetically pleasing location to place the main subject. Nearly all of the main elements in the composition are placed on a one third line or where they intersect.  The elements are not centered in the mind of the frame.



Because this is a very simple design, there are not many elements. When there are not many elements in the composition, the proper use of white space and isolation is important. The birds in the sky are a great example of white space and isolation, which are two principle that often go hand in hand. If you’re like me, one of the very first things you noticed in the illustration were the birds. Our eye is naturally drawn to elements that have white space surrounding them.


Finally, the use of color. The designer statically chose to use blue and orange in this composition because these are complimentary colors. He also uses only a handful of colors in the piece to be consistent with the simple design.  There are only three main shades of blue and one shade of the orange-pink color. This is a good example showing how strong a design can look with a very minimal color pallet.



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