Objective: Create a rad gig poster for a band. I want the poster to be unique but also capture the style and sound of the band.  

When we were introduced to this project it was by far the most exciting to me. Being able to create anything we wanted gave me freedom as a creator. I was nothing short of ideas. I started with a word map and took my design from there. I knew I wanted my band to be named Stranger Thoughts. Even though the show Stranger Things is at the front of everyone’s minds, my band’s name did not come from that. I decided that outerspace would work well with the feel I was striving to achieve. The idea for the guy mowing the moon just came, and he is a great touch.

I came up with a basic color pallet and then started designing. The moon was a lot easier than I thought, and the lawn mower was just a combination of basic shapes. I designed the planet and the sun but I’m not sure what exactly to do with them. I found the font and FELL IN LOVE. I think it is perfect for the gig poster.

I finally designed my little lawn-mowing astronaut. I tried and tried to make an astronaut in a full space suit, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to it to look, and with each correction I tried, it didn’t get any better.  I ended up drawing this guy and then threw a space helmet on him. I started designing his pack but it needs work. I added the final text with all the information (and yes, I know Los Angeles is spelled wrong. Thank goodness for classmate feedback.)

In class we got feedback from a group and my group said to make it not so plain. They suggested making the stuff coming from the lawn mower different and adding simple things to make it more 3D. They also suggested working on the helmet and making it have shadows like the moon. Brother Kerr told me to push my colors more and expand my palate with saturation.

After tweaking things for a while I changed it up and finalized some things. At this point the helmet is looking pretty good and so is the moon. My little space man finally has hands and shoes and I repositioned the title of the band. I would like to wrap the text at the bottom around the moon to give it a more cohesive design. I would also like to make the blue background edge look like ripped paper against the white. This may be the photo side of my brain, but if I could apply a filter to give it more of an 80’s look, that would be perfect! I am meeting with Brother Kerr to see if he can help me achieve these ideas.

I met with Brother Kerr and he helped me push my deign to look not so amateur. I fixed the information to look more incorporated into the design. I made minor changes to the moon shadow and the dust that is flying from the lawn mower. I changed the title to be stacked again and added a ripped texture around the edge. I was never happy with how my planets looked so I decided they didn’t add anything to my design so I deleted them. I used little things like the pattern brush to make his breathing tube and it looks more complete now.

After the last project we did, I thought this would be a walk in the park. I am glad I got confidence from the timepiece project but this proved to be difficult in other ways. Making me learn more, so that’s good.


I am an advertising student at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

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