I love games and I love the memories that they bring to me. So I decided to go and make some of the controllers in a silly and cute way that made them feel more alive and more human-like. They ended up being rather fun I think and they had a full like feel that hearkened back to my days of yore.

With each one I made I wanted them to feel alive and yet still realistic. So I used references but then tweaked them a little bit so that each of them looked just a bit more cartoony and full of life rather than a piece of plastic. It was rather fun finding the balance between the two of these styles to make them.

I loved making all of these and hope to make even more of this style as I have found this style to be a fun and useful way of making things of the past seem yet alive again and to move forward. I was grateful that this was available and loved tp o make each and every one. 

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