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Rain and their emotions

Objective The objective of this project was to create a cohesive sticker set, of what ever we wanted. I honestly didn’t know where to start but I knew I wanted to do something fun and simple.  Sketching As always, with any project I start, I started with... read more

Nintendo Villainy- A Sticker Selection

When I started this project, I wanted to create stickers of animals in a more fantasy setting. Like a turtle that is also an ninja. Or a samurai rabbit. I felt that this was a good plan and I was excited for it. But when I went to work on it in Illustrator, I... read more

Life Gives Lemons

The sticker project has one that I have changed my ideas on multiple times! I first wanted to do shoes, then I wanted to do trees, then fruit, and then something that had to do with lemonade. In the end I ended with lemonade. I think I had so many ideas running... read more


Designing these stickers was a blast! I got married this weekend, so it was a bit overwhelming, but I feel I got a LOT better with illustrator and with my creativity through the process of creating these stickers. I originally went with the idea of broken instruments.... read more

The City by the Bay

When starting out with this project, I had no idea what to do. It took me almost a full day of going through ideas in my head to decide on what to create. My mind kept going towards what we talked about in class- the concept of sticker design. What would make me want... read more

Wordplay in the Sticker World

Honestly, when making this Sticker project, I decided that I wanted to make some fun stickers that I found humorous. I’ll tell the story of each one by the completed sticker. Unfortunately, I wasn’t extremely concerned about individual pictures for each... read more

Pun Intended

For this sticker project, I actually started out with a completely different idea. Originally, I wanted to do something with Star Wars and cowboys… it was rough and was ditched pretty quickly. I then had the idea to do a pun of some sort. I started thinking of... read more

Sticking it to the man. Kinda

The great sticker project The project to make a sticker set seemed even more fun than making icons. For one thing, I was feeling waaay more competent at using adobe illustrator. For another, I wanted to experiment more, test what I could do with something challenging.... read more

Stickers that connect

The project This is a project I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while. It is a project that allows for full self-expression while also allowing us to share this self-expression with others. I’m talking about stickers. I love stickers and the back of my... read more

Just Vegan Things

As some of you may know I am a vegan enthusiast and am vegan myself, so I decided to create something that I believed a bit of my vegan eating habits.I have to say this was definitely a long process of deciding what I ACTUALLY wanted to do for my sticker set! It took... read more

Daisy Band Stickers

This project was a really fun one to work on because I have never tried creating stickers before. It was really exciting to try creating for this new format and I enjoyed was able to explore my creativity in new ways. My goal in this project was to create professional... read more

One Stitch at a Time

Starting out on this project I knew I wanted to do Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I started off by drawing stitch in several poses as well as several of the items that stitch is often seen with. My main focus with this project was to focus on making him convey an... read more

Do or do not, there is no try.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” This advice encouraged me to finish these Star Wars stickers and make them worthy of the movie they represent. I started out by sketching some of my favorite Star Wars characters. These helped me add variety and confirm my... read more


My objective for this project was to make stickers that are playful and psychedelic. This project by far was my favorite by far. I felt personally that I was in a creative rut. I was always trying to find something to make that was really nice and beautiful. I started... read more

Stickers Project

For this project, it took me a while to come up with a theme that I wanted to do for the stickers. There were so many options yet it was hard to choose one. In the end, I went with a winter theme because it is that time of year and I haven’t designed something... read more

ARG-tistic Design

The Plan The purpose of this project was to create a set of 3 stickers of any design of my choosing. I wanted to create something fun and colorful because, well, who likes boring and bland stickers. From the start I had an idea of a more cartoony and fun type of topic... read more

Life is Good Stickers

The Life is Good Brand is one I have become very fond of and I decided to make my stickers for this brand. They have the iconic hand-drawn feel to them with very plain and simple colors. I began the project by sketching out some sticker ideas I had. They already have... read more

Choo Choo!

I figured that this would be a great opportunity to explore one of my hobbies, which is trains! Since I enjoy them so much, why not try illustrating them for a project? ] This is a picture of my original sketches with some text explaining my original idea. Art Deco is... read more

A Beary Good Sticker

I have been wanting to make some really cool handdrawn stickers, and so I’ve been researching styles that I like. This sticker from CDA Idaho Clothing Company was exactly what I was looking for. Here’s what makes it work:1) Shape The first thing that makes... read more