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Eye of the Beholder

      I wanted to make a sticker series about some of the ugly things that are a part of our society. Ideally, I would create more stickers that go with this theme, but for now I just have these three. They are mostly about mass media’s control over public... read more

Dogs, Pigs, & Kites

This, in my opinion, was probably the hardest assignment that we had to do in this class thus far. I struggled with coming up with an idea for what would be a cool sticker that people would actually want to have. I went through several ideas before coming to the... read more

The Artic

One of the most challenging things yet! Stickers are no easy task, and take a lot of creative juices in order to pump one of these bad boys out ot your head. I think I had to go through at least 7 or 8 different ideas before I was able to come to these here. My first... read more

Disneyland Delights

This project was quite simple for me. A lot more simple than the gig poster. I think because I had such a small area to work with it really forced my brain to simplify some things and get back to the basics.  How I came up with these is actually kind of a funny story.... read more

Nostalgic Candy

Stickers of Candy from the 90’s So the idea for this came to me while I was talking to my roommate. We started reminiscing about our childhoods and that’s when it struck me. I should do some food from the 90s. At first I was trying to decide between ice... read more

Avast Me Stickers!

I’ve only ever interacted with stickers from a third party perspective. I had a friend gift me a sticker he received as an extra, and it found a home on my laptop case until that case got thrown away. Beyond that, I hadn’t ever really known about the depth... read more

Food Poisioning

I started with many different ideas in the quest to creating three stickers. Here are my sketches that consisted mostly of the food. In creating designs the patterns usually lean toward brighter colors or food and in this instance they were combined. I decided to make... read more

doctor or contagion?

This was seriously a fun project for me because right off the bat I knew that I wanted to do a plague doctor mask on a rat. I thought the idea of a rat (the cause of the plague) wearing the plague doctor mask would be funny. So I immediately starting sketching that... read more

Stick Flick

For my stickers, I knew that I wanted them to be really meaningful. I had a perfect image in my head of what I wanted these stickers to look like but (as you can see by my draft), it was very difficult to do. The first sticker was going to be of a skeletal Barbie.... read more

Expectations of Elephants

When I started making these stickers, I wanted something that would symbolize the excitement that I am feeling about my little girl who is going to be born in 3 months and all the things that she will do and become. I started with the idea of penguins and elephants.... read more

Keep It Grand

The job was to create and design stickers that would come in a pack of 3. This project has been my favorite so far. I feel like I could really be creative and put my style into these stickers. My goal was to create some vintage style stickers that accurately... read more

Yo Ho, the Island Life for Me

Yo Ho, the island life for me! I absolutely love the beach. I love anything that has to do with the ocean and sand and the wind in my face. For this project, I spent some time sketching. I have been thinking a lot lately about the beach with it being summer. I hate... read more

I Like Bike

The assignment to create a sticker set seemed to me like something of a combination between my icon set and gig poster projects; I needed to create a set of stickers based on a central theme (like the icon set), and create them in such a way that they communicated a... read more

Pirate’s Life!

When I grew up I loved playing with and watching movies about pirates. I loved the way they looked and how much they fought for freedom. In my sketches I was trying to come up with a pirate theme and something that would looked good as a sticker. I picked a couple of... read more

Live to ride, ride to live.

I think the design of this little cafe racer caught my eye and could be a really cool sticker because of a few reasons. Their ability to use color, stroke widths, and subtle shading and gradients. Now it times for me to save up a little money, to get a little cafe... read more

You Are What You Eat!

So today I get to analysis a vector created sticker design. I will be covering what I see and what I believe makes it a strong design.    Stroke Weight:  One thing that sets certain stickers apart from others is how the designer manipulates the weight of the stroke.... read more