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Be Brave

For this project we created stickers to be printed and traded. I recently watch the movie Brave and I love the characters, there design and hair! So at the being of the project I did some brainstorming but I really wanted to do something with the characters from... read more

Sick Food Sticker Set

This was a fun project where I could explore illustration and vectors. It was also a chance to explore what I would create given the chance. In reality though, I had no clue which direction to go and I just started drawing. I think towards the end it got really weird... read more

A Court of Sticker Fury

One of my favorite books of all time is A Court of Mist and Fury. So when I was thinking of a theme for this sticker set, I immediately thought of it. When I started out I had a few ideas, so I took to sketching. Once I had some ideas, I began to work in illistrator.... read more

If the Shoe Fits

A Sticker Set About Emotions Found in Shoes Brainstorming I wrote down several ideas and how they could be related to others. I was trying to find something that could be cartoonish but still hold some kind of meaning. I also really wanted to work with characters for... read more

I Believe

This project was my favorite from the entire semester. I love stickers and have always wanted to create my own, so this was a great learning opportunity for me. However, there were a lot of things that went into making this project one of the more stressful ones. ... read more

Stuck on Succulents

For this entire semester I have put off the urge to create succulents. A since the stickers is the last project I gave in and finally made my succulents. I have more succulents in my house than one person needs but who cares, I like em! Along with succulents the... read more

Summer In The Midwest

Welcome to summer in the Midwestern United States. There are fireflies blinking at night, the sidewalks are filled with kids eating lollipops, and the local pool can be seen filled to the brim with bathers in sunglasses. Summer is almost upon us. I grew up in Indiana... read more

Transformation Stickers.

I am very particular about my stickers. I love stickers so much, but I never put them on anything because they are not cool enough, or don’t fit my exact specifications at the moment. I wanted to make a sticker set that was fun and playful with an odd color... read more

Elements Become One

Avatar: Where The Elements Become One The first time I watched Avatar, The Last Airbender I was babysitting for a family with children under the age of 10. I felt really embarrassed that I liked it so much because I thought it was just a children’s show. Now... read more

Fighting Evil by Moonlight…

Growing up, I LOVED Sailor Moon. It came on everyday after school and my sisters and I would race home to my mom’s apartment to watch it. It’s one of my fondest memories as a little kid. In class we started talking about passion projects. I’m not... read more

Grand Old Flags

Last project! Can’t believe it! This one was fun, but to be honest I thought it would be a lot easier. It wasn’t easy thinking of sticker ideas! I love traveling, so I thought it would be fun to make some stickers that represent travel and put them in my... read more

The Opposite Effect

I started this project with one idea. I wanted to do something different that I hadn’t done before. I did not accomplish that. My first idea is shown above and on the right. Good concept, I just couldn’t figure out how to get it where I wanted it to be.... read more

From the Sea to the Mountains

I started with a progression of ideas that progressively got stranger as I went.        I decided the first idea was too plain and the last idea was too weird. When I made a draft of the second idea I really struggled to like what I was doing and to be... read more

Sticky-Fingered Pirates

I was so excited to create stickers. After noticing that my roommate had little chibi people stickers on her computer, I decided I wanted to do something like that. I sketched a lot of chibis but decided to do Pirates of the Caribbean. It seemed like a good challenge... read more

Passport Stamp – Stickers

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I have been traveling since before I can remember. It has always been a part of me. Those memories seem to “stick” around! See what I did there! For this projects I created a set of stickers. At first I was... read more

Theatre stickers

I was so happy to start this project! I had no idea I could create my own stickers and had them printed.  My first idea was to design things you can find in a theme park. I took inspiration from Disney, because who doesn’t love that place?. In my sketches I draw... read more