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BYU-Idaho Buildings

I’ve realized I’ve pretty much changed my final project from sketches almost every project. At first I thought of doing stickers for my business. So I was going to do a camera, my logo, and another one I wasn’t quite sure of yet. Then I thought of travel and thought... read more

Hanging Loose

This week’s project was to create a minimum of three different stickers that all fall under a similar theme. Once again, the creative process changed my direction multiple times, but all in all, I really like the way that these beach-themed stickers turned out!... read more


I really wanted to make stickers that presented me the best. There is nothing out there that represents me better than the ocean. I started sketching from photos that I have taken when I was home and in Hawaii.  I started off with circles and trying to duplicate the... read more

Emotional Food

For this project I decided to pick a subject that is close to me. Food. I made stickers of my favorite foods and how they make me feel when I eat them. I was able to learn a lot about the detail and creativity in this project. I started out drawing different ideas... read more

Que Lo Que Dominican Style

Sketches I started thinking that I wanted to do a camping theme and make all my stickers be about nature. I then decided I wanted to do something that meant a little more to me. I served my mission in the Dominican republic and there they have a slang for... read more

Get Sticky

There seems to be a lot of first timers these past weeks. This is the first time I’ve ever made stickers. My original idea was to communicate what media has done to us. I feel like lately I’m always stuck inside doing homework and I need to get outside yet... read more

Now and Then

If some of now was put in the past what would have made it into the history that we are discovering? I had some fun coming up with these stickers. I went through a bunch of different ideas that didn’t really say anything and I even created some stickers of... read more

Carolina on my Mind

It’s been a last few difficult weeks for me. If you don’t know, my dad got a job in Utah and we are picking everything up and moving away from North Carolina. I grew up in North Carolina so it’s been hard for me since I’ve made so many memories... read more

Always choose the Burrito

Southern California, the home of surfers, burrito lovers, and sunset enthusiasts. I’m blessed to call this place home, and I wanted to share a little bit with you through this project! Below is my process. You’ll notice in my sketches that everything I... read more

Rotten to the Core

These stickers were a long time coming. I feel as though I go through quite a process when I design for myself. Everything I create helps me to become a better designer little by little.  I started out, as always with some sketching!   After sketching I wasn’t... read more

Jestering Through Life

This assignment I had the goal in mind to create stickers that would have meaning to me. I wanted to create stickers through illustrator that would convey a message of something that I have been feeling for the past couple of months. This may be due to me graduating... read more

Aloha Vibes

The process of creating stickers was a long and difficult one (mostly from a creative standpoint), but honestly it’s been a ton of fun.  By far this has been the most fun project I’ve worked on this semester.  I love the feeling of simple designs and... read more


When I heard about the assignment, I knew I wanted to do 90s theme because I love that era. I hope that comes through in my designs. Though there are some mature/darker themes to this time period, this shaped the way I see the world. A boom box was the first full... read more