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The Sprinkles

With each new grandchild that joined our family my mom just had to get the latest, cutest stickers for them which quickly dubbed her the sticker grandma. I waited with much anticipation to start this project and wanted to do something fun and whimsical that children... read more

i Scream 4 ice Cream

The Neon Challenge I actually loved this project. It’s one thing to create content to be printed as a poster or something like that, but I think that stickers are really an interactive way to portray something created by you. It was exciting during the whole... read more

Adhesive Ideas

This was a great opportunity for me to print something I have never even thought of printing before. I am not much of a sticker person, that is, I’ve never delved into the world of stickers, collected them, or really admired them in the past. Yet that... read more

Can I have some sugar?

I chose to use three different sugar skull women to make for my stickers. They each represent different chakras. I began my process by sketching out some of my ideas.  I began the process by solely using sugar skulls. As I continued to create my skulls, I kept... read more

Childhood Summer Backdrops

This project’s drafting process was fun for me. I truly enjoyed the creative process of refining my general idea for a “nature” theme into details that began representing my desire to portray outdoors-y sentiments. This theme was personally... read more

The Final Frontier

This is it! The last project of the semester, and I have to say, I am really pleased to see how far I’ve gotten as an artist because of this class. This class and these projects have definitely pushed me, my skills, and my creativity, and I’ve had a lot of... read more

Game on!

This sticker project was a lot of fun to do. I think it might be my favorite of all of the vector projects I’ve done this semester. Here’s a look at how it all went down… Brainstorming When I started brainstorming for this project I had no clue what... read more

The Great Outdoors – Stickers

This was a great project that allowed me to try new things and try new styles of design. I decided to design a few stickers that had a Low Poly look to them but were vectored in Illustrator.  Brainstorming I love the outdoors and wanted to go for a geometric design of... read more

Road Trip Randomness

There are so many different possibilities that ran through my head when I decided to create a set of stickers. Then let’s be real… Life just hits too hard most of the time. There just are not enough hours in the day for my liking. So by the time I found... read more

“No more War Pigs have the Power”

I started off with quite a few different sketches. I wasn’t sure what kind of stickers I wanted to go with at first. I really like the nuke going off and decided that I could make a theme around that. I decided that would go with a war pigs theme.  I made some... read more

Do You Feel Lucky…?

I’ve been looking forward to this project for quite some time now. What I set out to do was design and print a set of at least three stickers that would look like they belonged together (design, theme, etc.). In the sketching process, there were a lot of ideas I... read more

Bob Ross..and Stuff

I’m not going to lie. I had the hardest time deciding what I wanted to do for this project. But after much thought and sketches and drafts in Illustrator, we landed on Bob Ross.  I had a lot of fun making these and making them my own! This was the first time I... read more

Thug Nugs

There is a popular saying that says “Nugs not drugs.” There’s another one that plays off the saying “Thug Life,” which is “Nug Life.” I took that and adopted it into nugget stickers with a thug look and vibe to them. I... read more

A blast from the past

At the beginning of my process, or even before, I thought of an iconic period that would could be recognizable from a mile away. The 80’s generation and bright colors popped up in my idea. Some ideas that came into my head ended up on a sketch pad including; a... read more

Space full of Stickers

I wanted to create stickers on something that I enjoy, which is space. I have always been fascinated with space for as long as I can remember.  I especially liked the mysteries of space like black-holes. I started off with some sketching to get my ideas on paper. I... read more

Summer is coming

This week, I have been thinking of spring and summer and I decided to make stickers for summer because summer is my favorite weather.   Sketches.  I drew many sketches for summer.   Draft. This is my first draft and used offset. I was inspired to do offset... read more