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Hero of Mordor

I started my stickers with the idea that they would have a sea creature/ underwater theme; I soon saw this theme showing up in many other drafts so I decided to change directions. I started drawing characters from the Lord of the Rings trilogy as dogs. I was going to... read more

Tough Cupcakes

I can honestly say, this project was a little tough for me. I started out with an idea I was really passionate about. Every time I showed my stickers to someone, I would have to explain it. I felt that defeated the idea of a sticker. So I started over and did... read more

KirbyWatch Mash-up

While I was approaching this project of creating new, interesting stickers, I was quickly excited to experiment with a mash-up of some sort. One of my first ideas was create a mix of kirby and characters from the game Overwatch. But as I was searching, I saw that... read more

Winter Hat Stickers

Sketching my Ideas At the beginning of this project, I knew I wanted to do something wintery. I tried different winter ideas. Sweaters, hot chocolate, fire, snowman, and holiday recipes. Although I thought holiday objects would be fun, I felt most excited about... read more

Spirit Animal Sticker Set

I wanted to create a set of stickers that I wouldn’t mind having on my laptop case. I am not a sticker person, so I knew it was going to be a challenge. To start off, I sketched some of my favorite things.  Of course I had to include my favorite things: fast... read more

Mandalas for days

The objective of this assignment was to make three different stickers they had to be a minimum of three inches and have to be interesting and engaging. I really just wanted to have some fun and create a design that I would want and what I though other people would... read more

Waves of Change

Purpose So I decided to make some stickers that brand me as a person so that I can network with others and get my work out there and recognizable.    Process So going into this project, I knew right off the bat I was going to have a really hard time with ideas. I kept... read more

Air, Earth, and Water

Air, earth, and water are three elements that we are all very familiar with. My hopes in creating these stickers were that I would be able to show what each of the elements represented. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point! I started making rubber duckies... read more

The Best of Burton

  When first trying to decide what to make stickers for I was given the idea of doing dia de los muertos styled superhero stickers. So I started sketching a bunch of my favorite superheroes and villains with either their mask or helmet. I went a little more into... read more

Sushi, please

The Objective The objective of this project was to create three stickers that were either each their own idea or create a set of stickers. I loved the freedom that this project allowed. I had done some sketches in the past of sushi because I love how simple but cool... read more

Goodbye Moonman

One Giant Leap for Studentkind I have to say, I was not sure at all what the creative process for creating a sticker (or three for that matter) was. I doodled a few things here and there and was really coming up empty. Luckily, I doodled something that I thought was... read more

Sticking to what I love

Designing stickers was the most challenging and exciting project I have done yet. Trying to choose a subject I love and that I would personally want a sticker of was interesting. I had a lot of ideas and I started sketching them. I love the outdoors so I started with... read more

Stranger Cats

My objective is to design some rad stickers that people would want to have on their water bottles, computers, skateboards, etc. Sketches: I had so many ideas when I began this project and had a difficult time deciding on just one to pursue. I wanted to do something... read more

Three Amigos

The objective of this sticker project was to express a set of ideas that reflected a group or individual. In this case, I allowed my mind to travel. I found a time period. The designs encompassed a few themes. My personal rules were to use a artistic and original... read more

Sticker Process

This was a fun project for me. I had such a hard time whittling down where to go because I had so many ideas and only three stickers to do. I had to choose which ones I wanted to do now.  I started with drawing out the thing I wanted to do most, which you can see- I... read more

Cacti Emotions

The stickers where a fun project but is definitely not a passion of mine I went through 3 ideas until I finally just picked one so this was my process: SKETCHES: My first idea was an under the sea theme mainly focusing on squids and octopus but transferring it to... read more

Stickers of Nostalgia

I love games and I love the memories that they bring to me. So I decided to go and make some of the controllers in a silly and cute way that made them feel more alive and more human-like. They ended up being rather fun I think and they had a full like feel that... read more

Gangsta Animals

This has been one of my favorite projects so far. I loved that we could pretty much do anything that we could think of and create whatever we wanted. I had to main ideas that i really wanted to pursue. One was to have gangster animals and the other was to have... read more