This was a fun project for me. I had such a hard time whittling down where to go because I had so many ideas and only three stickers to do. I had to choose which ones I wanted to do now. 

I started with drawing out the thing I wanted to do most, which you can see- I wanted unicorns. I wanted a “mystical/legendary” theme. I drew lots of unicorns and things I associated with unicorns. 

When I went to design, I whipped out the unicorn. She was so cute and really easy to do. The ice cream was a little more detailed and it took me hours to complete it. And then I was stuck with my third sticker. 

I really didn’t like any of the other ideas I had, but this one idea I’ve had in my mind all semester and I thought that, though it didn’t really match the theme, I wanted to make this into a sticker, and I felt that it would relate to a lot of people. 

I was so proud of my drafts. Of course they weren’t perfect. But I really worked hard to get them as complete as I could before the due date. I didn’t get too much feedback, so I asked for help from my family. While the changes were minor, I love how they turned out in the end. 

I decided to have colored outlines on all of them instead of just the “American Dream Girl”. I didn’t change the unicorn except making the hair a little bigger. The ice cream, I made the straw/candy cane look like it was sticking in the ice cream, and I fixed the girl’s hair to look less spiky, and more smooth. 

I love the overall look. I am proud of it! 



Jamie Garrard graduated from LDS Business College in December 2015 with an Associates in Social Media Marketing. She then started school at BYU-Idaho and is a Communication major, focusing on Visual Media. She loves photography especially when she can take photos of babies! She married her high school sweetheart in 2016. Jamie plans on graduating in July of 2018.

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