I liked this image because of how much characters it had. The color, form and image themes lended a great deal of character that wouldn’t have otherwise been there. These details and styles where allowed to really make this image impactful however, because the design principles the artist used. These design principles included line width, light and shadow, and overlapping shapes.

Line Quality

The line quality on any image is important. The line on the outside creates a firm and solid outline while the lines used on the inside are more fluid in their width. The way they changes his lines from thick to thin creates interest and creates a form that would otherwise be lost. The lines of the white hair for instance – these lines make the form look more 3 dimensional because of how they tapper at the ends and are thicker on the outside. The line quality is also always rather smooth and creates unity throughout the image.


Light and Shadow

The light and shadow in the image are almost block like, but even with the two tone they used to create shadows and highlights they still used it in a way that creates form. They used an obvious light source and based their shadows and highlights around this. The strong contracts of black in extreme shadow and white in highlight also added contrast that made the image bright despite it’s grungy style.



Overlapping Shapes

This is an element that I often forget to recognize in images I am looking at, but one that is important for creating interest and vital hierarchy. In the image in particular the text is both small and placed behind the main image. This helps to place the text in a subordinate position in relation to the image. This is useful in the case because the icon first draws the viewer in and then they move on to read the text. This visual hierarchy creates a balance and comfortable priority for the viewer as they view and read the image.

This sticker was an interesting one to look at because of it’s theme and character, but also because of the design principles that held it together. While creating my own stickers, I’ll try to pin point these principles and use them to create more interesting images.


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