As the last project of the semester, I wanted to create a series of stickers that represented who I was as a creative and share that passion with others. Creating stickers is also a fun way to advertise my art and also exchange stickers with others.


From the start, I have been waiting for an opportunity to illustrate sugar skulls. Sugar skulls are commonly used in the Spanish culture during Halloween to remember those who have lived before us. I also thought I can implement other elements into the design while using a different style.


Although I initially wanted to create sugar skulls for my stickers, I changed my theme for two reasons. The number one reason why I changed my idea was because it was really difficult to execute the style I was looking for. I wanted to create the sugar skulls using a watercolor effect and it was very difficult to complete in Adobe Illustrator. Secondly, I learned so much in this class and I wanted to create a series I was passionate about. Therefore, I created art supplies to remind myself how important 2D design is for any creative process.



Ariana Cedillo

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Ariana Cedillo is currently earning her degree in communications at Brigham Young University-Idaho with a visual emphasis and a module in video production. She enjoys everything from 2D art to 3D. Visit to learn more!

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