Time Square or Square Time Teller?

Today I was watching a documentary on Netflix about design. The designer that they were spotlighting was talking about if someone started to draw hearts as squares it would be so abstract that most people would not understand that the drawing was supposed to be a heart. He then said that if we started drawing hearts to represent love as actual hearts it would be gross and disturbing. But when you find a happy medium between a square and and actual heart you get something like what we now have as our standard Hallmark heart. This was a really interesting project for me because when it comes to realism my mind works much like making a square into a heart rather than imagining an actual heart or even a Hallmark heart. This assignment was as real as it gets and it required seeing the world in a logical way. 


I knew that with my square-like abstract mind I would need to hit the drawing pad to figure out how light actually bounces off of an objects and how I would illustrate it. I drew where I wanted the light to be hot and I learned different techniques to make my watch look real using gradients and other tools. 

Reference Image:

A square can be an abstract heart, right? I figured to go off of my abstract views I would make a square watch as a personal joke. I found this cool square watch on Hygge’s website. 


I felt pretty proud of my draft until I realized that I still had a long way to go! Working on my draft gave me an opportunity to create gradients and illustrate how the light hits my watch. 

Final Watch:

This is not a watch, just like a picture of a pipe is not actually a pipe. Finishing my watch was an awesome experience because I learned how to make a leather texture, I added a glare, I made major adjustments that seem minor to the eye and I made a bunch of anchor points deceive my friends into believing that this is a picture of a watch. 

X-Ray of The Watch:

To demonstrate that my watch really is a vector graphic, I highlighted it and screenshot it for your “ah” and enjoyment. Thank you for checking out my watch!

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