I have been excited for this project since day one of this class. I could not wait to think outside the box and make things that I thought were cool. I did my poster for an imaginary band called SPLICE a hardcore band out of Atlanta Georgia. I wanted it to be a plain design to give it a raw feel using strictly plain shapes and very flat colors. 

My sketches were all over the place just trying to get the feel down for what I was interested in. I found something at the bottom corner with a diving board. I liked that, I wanted to multiply the fear that many people have when dealing with the high dive. What would make it so much more frightening? I asked myself over and over and I decided that maybe diving into a cup? There was a start! I started my digital draft placing pieces together from various sketches I had.

I feel that this was a pretty good start. I was interested in the angle of the diving board and the cup all in harmony with each other using 2 point perspective. With critique on how 2 point perspective would not be successful, I decided to head towards a 3 point perspective style. I sketched a few and tried to add a digital aspect with a person but It didn’t really fit the style I was going for.

I filled my whole illustrator file full of madness and Different accent styles To try and find where to put the diving board and the cup to make them seem real and fit in the same poster.


I found that if I put the whole list of information down the middle along with the diving board and the text it just fits better. I made my final adjustments to the shapes and added the required text with and I am very pleased with the result. I like how the shapes add together and all lead to the text through the piece even though it is a straight shot with little distractions It’s exactly how I wanted it to feel.

Zachary Wilson

Zachary Wilson

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