I wanted to create stickers on something that I enjoy, which is space. I have always been fascinated with space for as long as I can remember.  I especially liked the mysteries of space like black-holes. I started off with some sketching to get my ideas on paper.

I started with stars and worked my way around different topics about space. I eventually decided to do 3 items. A black hole with a colorful quasar, a astronaut with the earth in the reflection, and a space shuttle blasting off.

With each element I tried to keep a theme for them. I used minimal strokes, some textures, a color theme, and simple design. Here is what my first draft looked like.

The magenta line will be used to cut the stickers out. I think that most of my designs turned out well. After receiving some critiques I knew what I was going to change.

I first changed the shape of the black-hole sticker. That was it wasn’t just a basic circle. Next, I focused on adding details to the astronaut suit; since the reflection has a lot of detail.  I also got rid of some trapped space on the shuttle and changed the brush strokes to solid lines. Finally I added a black background on all of them, including stars.


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