Yet again another strenuous yet very knowledgeable project down. Despite all the scare tactics drilled into the minds of those starting the watch I really enjoyed getting to know how to make gradients and blurs look very nice and realistic. I have always adored pocket watches and wanted to design one similar to a couple of references I used.

  On my sketches I wanted to first focus on the structure of the knobs on top then decided if I wanted to the ring to be over them or like it is laying down behind it. I then focused on what kind of hands I wanted to put on my face because I wanted something simple because of the possible busyness on the face, but also kind of stand out. I also played around with having the door on the pocket watch open and off to the side or just have no door. Finally I messed around with the busyness of the face and how and where I wanted the shadows as well as where the highlights would be.

  As you can see in my outline there were so may ellipses that went into the body of the watch as well as the many smaller circles for the smaller faces and where the hours and seconds went. There are also a lot of ovals that I adjusted with the white arrow tool to create the shapes for the highlights and shadows so that I could get a nice contrast. on the body. I also used a lot of gradients to help the shadows seem darker on the body as well as on the face for the second and our rings. I also used a gradient to get the sharp shadows and highlights on the mount then added some highlights and shadows on top.

Here is my rough draft and the reference I was going off of, however I did adjust a couple of small things based off different references

Here is my final piece and I am very proud of myself for designing something this complex for my experience in Illustrator. 


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