Creating an animated looping gif was by far the most uniquely challenging things I tried this semester. It was challenging to design something with the intention of having it come to life. 

I started with many different ideas in sketch. I considered a blinking eye that you could see the galaxy reflected in. I considered several animals including 3 animals: an otter, a fox, a goose, a turtle, and a sloth.

I eventually decided to stick to storyboarding the otter, goose, and sloth

I began to work on illustrating these animals in AI and went through a lot of versions and styles and eventually came up with a style I liked.

I realized that although the otter was my favorite and the goose added some variety, the sloth was the only one that had a truly interesting and relevant animation storyboard. I only wanted to include them all because they had significance to my friend group. To any other individual, however, the presence of an otter, a goose, and a sloth sitting on sone grass is pretty irrelevant and confusing. 
Although it was painful, I scrapped the other 2 characters and began to focus on my sloth. One of the next things I did was take the sloth and remove the background and put her on a plain white background. I wanted the entire focus to be on a simple sloth.

I liked the final illustration I had here. It was tricky to make sure my layers were organized in such a way I would be able to animate it the way I needed it to be. 

Once I put it in AfterEffects, it was just time to spend hours adjusting keyframes and scaling and using easy ease effects in such a way that the sloth breathed, blinked, and moved in a lazy was that was slow, but not too slow where it wouldn’t keep enough attention. 

I loved the way my sloth turned out- I never thought I would have the skills it took to make an animated, looping gif, so in the end, I was very happy.


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