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Gig posters are a unique thing. Their purpose is to represent a band and the overall feeling and sound that the band is known for. Originally, I was going to create a gig poster that represented bands like The Lumineers, The Head And The Heart, or The Oh Hellos. What first came to mind were butterflies. I wanted to create an antique butterfly with rich colors, but as I started creating it, it didn’t feel right. I decided to take a break from that idea, and as I messed around, I ended up creating this girl. The direction I started in took a completely different direction and I was okay with that. I was listening to a band called Temples as I was creating her, and I knew this would be the inspiration of my poster. The Temples have an oldies classic feel to their music, almost like a 60s, 70s feel with a mix of indie, from the bands I usually listen to. I wanted to capture that feel while channeling a more modern feel within the girl.


This is my first draft of the girl. I wanted there to be contrast with her red hair and her make up. I break the make up rules of a bold lip as well as colorful eyeshadow. I thought by giving her a dark blue lip and colorful eyeshadow this would accomplish this. I also added a freckle by her lip giving her face a little more character. Although I liked the direction I was headed, I couldn’t find the connection between her and the music.

I tried something new.  I thought maybe I could split her face up and change her make up on each side adding contract. I thought this way the split could tie into the band name Sliver Sister, by slivering her face. However, this didn’t feel right. The right side only felt dull to me and nothing about it stood out. 

I moved on to this idea. I changed the simple side to the left, because I wanted the freckle to add the the more dramatic side. I took away more details on the left side to make her face look more plain. The way I decided to split up her face was by adding a low transparency box over her face. I found this this was more distracting than anything. I didn’t feel like this draft was representing the feel of the band I was going for. After receiving feedback I found that the split idea was a more overdone idea and not as original as I had thought.

I reevaluated my goal and what I was trying to accomplish. The band name was Sliver Sister, and I realized that a split face actually didn’t represent this very well. So I decided to focus in on a different aspect. After more feedback from my instructor, I decided to head in a different direction. 

I decided to focus in on one side of her face; a sliver of her face. This was was I came up with. I wanted her to be even more dramatic, so i made her hair even bigger with more curls. I pushed it a little bit further and added starts into her hair, so make her more unique. I wanted to focus to be on her so I decided to go with a simplified background color that wouldn’t be distracting and would be flattering to her hair and face. This idea felt much more comfortable than my previous drafts

With a few minor changes, my poster felt as close to done as it would be. I added a drop shadow behind the main font to make it stand out more. With the font for the information I wanted to break up the repetition by making each set of words go from lighter to darker. Lightest being “The Jets”. I also changed the stars on her hair to a darker value so that they were more subtle. I made slight changed to her eye in order to elongate her eyes and have it appear more sleek. I changed her eyeshadow and eyeliner to come to more of a point; I also made her a slightly smaller on the bottom so that there wasn’t as much white to focus on. I also added subtle stripes to the background that gave the illusion of more dimension. 

This project was a very different experience for me, as well as a learning experience. The direction I ended up going surprised me, but it was cool too see how the creative process took over and guided me down a different path that I wasn’t expecting, and that was much better in my opinion. I feel that I was able to accomplish my goal of creating a band, named Sliver Sister, and having that band represent that bands that I listen to, with a 70s, indie vibe. 





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