One of the great challenges of designing is to portray an idea while keeping your own unique style. This was something that I wrestled with in making a sticker set. I wanted to make stickers of Winnie the Pooh characters, and I looked at a lot of different ways to portray them. When I was ready to start my own sketches, they looked too much like the Disney ones. I needed to get down to the essence of each character without copying what had already been done.

I took the sketches into the computer and started building the characters to see how they would turn out. I started with simple shapes and then modified and blended them to make a simple character. When I got to a stopping spot, I realized that the characters still too closely resembled the originals. 

While the characters kind of had my own style, they were still not quite what I was looking for. I got some feedback and decided to go with a simpler approach. I decided to remove the black strokes in favor of more solid shapes with lines to show depth. I also decided that I needed less detail on all of the characters. 

The final step was to add a die-cut line so the stickers could be printed and cut out. Looking back, I like the look that I achieved. I think that having the shapes without the detail still portrays the characters’ personalities and forms without needing a lot of detail. I also liked using the lines to create depth, I think that it helped keep the characters looking like characters and not just shapes.



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