Sketches & Comps | Vector Paths

Sketches & Comps

  1. Words
    1. Word Lists – Make several lists of words based on major topics within the message. Focus on words that can be visualized.
    2. Mind Map – Starting with a single word, branch out with related words and ideas. Continue to branch out from those related words. After you are several levels removed from the center, start a new mind map next to the first.
  2. Thumbnails
    1. Quick 1-4 inch sketches focusing on ideation, the iteration of ideas. Each thumbnail should take 5-10 seconds to draw and never more than 30 seconds. The entire point of thumbnails is to visually explore ideas with slight variations until that idea has been exhausted.
    2. Asking “what if [minor change on the previous thumbnail]?” will help the thumbnailing process.
    3. Take combinations of unrelated ideas from your word lists or mind maps and use these to begin generating ideas to thumbnail.
  3. Layout Comps
    1. Do several Layout Comps of a single thumbnail
    2. Layout Comps focus on the composition of the idea. 
    3. Using “what if” questions will help generate new compositions. Consider the following questions to get new layouts:
      1. What if the “camera” was higher/lower/to the right/to the left?
      2. What if the view was zoomed in/out more?
      3. What if I cropped really tight?
      4. What if I zoomed way out for an extreme wide shot?
      5. What if X was facing a different direction?
      6. What if X was higher/lower/bigger/smaller/more/less?
      7. What if X was in front/back/to the side/under/on top of/behind?
      8. What if I changed the hierarchy/flow/contrast/alignment/proximity/repetition?
  4. Value Comps
    1. Do several Value Comps of a single layout comp.
    2. Value Comps focus on changing the value (how dark or light things are) of things within the composition
    3. Changing the value can help/change the flow, mood and/or message.
    4. Use at least 5 values of gray ranging from 0% (white) to 100% (black)