Sick Food Sticker Set | Vector Paths

This was a fun project where I could explore illustration and vectors. It was also a chance to explore what I would create given the chance. In reality though, I had no clue which direction to go and I just started drawing. I think towards the end it got really weird and fun. (I regret not making the BBQ Bomber.) 


I think I went with the melting ice cream and that’s really it from the sketches. Other than that I came up with the other two. I thought it would be a good time to finish the taco from an earlier sketch and added a drink. Here’s the development.

Here is an early version of the ice cream…

After staring at the ice cream and changing the face of the zombie drink, I had to change how the ice cream was separating from the stick. 

Hated that zombie face and changed that a few times and now here is the final.




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