According to Mike Wazowski scary monsters don’t have plaque, so I decided not to add any on my Monsters Inc. icons. These icons were one of my first excursions creating using Adobe Illustrator and it was an adventure. Let me tell you how I went from animal donuts to Monsters Inc. icons. 

The Concept

When I started this project I had one goal: to create 12 professional icons that looked great together. I first started thinking of my theme and I came up with things like cloud shapes in the sky, breakfast foods, big eared characters and desserts. 

Brainstorming & Sketching

I wrote down every thing that came to mind when I thought about my ideas and then I started sketching. Apparently I’m a little too worried about how my sketches look because I actually spent a bit of time on these.













First Draft

I am ashamed to say that I ran with the idea of donuts with animal face icing. Which I think would be great in real life but doesn’t translate well when I an Illustrator beginner takes a whack at it. I actually spent hours making these. Three hours before my deadline for half of my icons, I randomly thought “Mike Wazowski”. Right then I knew I needed to make 6 icons and I needed to do it fast. It was a crazy three hours. I made it with two minutes to spare. 





















Going a New Direction

The next part of my process was to sketch a bit for my Monsters Inc. icons. After that I buckled down and got to work in Illustrator. I asked for suggestions and made many revisions. The last piece was adding in the shadows to give them a little bit of depth. 











































I really like how my icons turned out! I learned a lot about Illustrator by making these and now I feel like I can make something without struggling to figure out which tool to use.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Page Sias

Page Sias

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