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This project has been interesting and fun. I created a poster for a band that I made up for a genre I selected. The band I made up is called Sapphire, it is indies pop/hip hop band. The poster was graphic based and was created with abstract ideas. I did struggle coming up with a idea I really liked. I created some word maps trying to expand my options.

From the word map I came up with idea of a band named Sapphire based on the genre I selected and how I felt the genre of music communicates to us. From there I started my sketching.

Also based on the genre I select, I determined I wanted my poster to be playful, unique and fun. I decided I wanted an animal to represent this and researched different kind of animals. I decided a cheetah fit this description the best. I used one of my sketch to create my first draft.

For the first draft I receive feedback from my teacher and my peers. First I needed to make some adjustments to the cheetahs features to make it look more realistic, make the triangles of the cheetah fall apart more gradually and fix my text. I went to work making these adjustment. I changed the mouth of the cheetah, adjusted the triangles and worked with the typography.

For this second draft changes still needed to be made. I did try new ideas with the typography and adjusted the cheetah. I tried adding a background and wasn’t satisfied with what I created so I started sketching more to determine how I could create better background with more depth.

After sketching a number of different background layouts I selected one I like the best and started working again. After a working though a number of different ideas I created my final design.

This final design incorporated good typography, proximity, repetition and color. Even though the shapes of the mountains and sunset are different than the triangles that make up the cheetah the colors unify my design.



My name is Leah Bird. I am currently a Web Design and Development student at BYU-Idaho. I enjoy learning and tackling the challenges that come with designing and developing. I like playing sports and going on adventures with my family!

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