I started this project with one solid idea. I’ve been thinking of this idea for a while and it just filled me with memories from my childhood. Sailor Moon was always my favorite show as a young kid!

I started with sketches. I studied several characters before starting on paper. I decided to explore Luna the cat, Sailor Moon’s best friend, Sailor moon, and her moon stick. As I sketched, I realized how vital the moon was in each piece and I believe that to be the main key to make this stand out. 

I then decide on what specific items or characters or parts of characters to focus on. I chose Sailor Moon’s bow, her moon stick, and Luna the cat. As I completed this process, I felt overwhelmed that this might be too simple looking. After some thought and work at it, I loved what I had thus far. 

I struggled with the line width for a bit. I eventually decided to thicken the line width of all the outside lines of each shape, except for small details inside. 

Then came my final product, which I am happy to say turned out just as I had hoped. They are fun, playful stickers, that scream Sailor Moon. 

The end result consisted of similar colors and the moons throughout, which really completed the look. 



Mikelle is a student, a designer, a creator. She studies advertising and has a deep love for design. Not only is she passionate about design, but also travel and the outdoors. Currently a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

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