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These stickers were a long time coming. I feel as though I go through quite a process when I design for myself. Everything I create helps me to become a better designer little by little. 

I started out, as always with some sketching! 

 After sketching I wasn’t super inspired by any of the idea so I decided to run with an idea I had in my head. I thought of a band of cactus’s called the Pin heads. I thought it would be a great and cute idea to execute. 

After some work I came up with this draft. 


After some critiques I wasn’t very excited about finishing this design. I felt like it was limiting me and not pushing me to do something outside of my comfort zone. So I changed directs and went with one idea from my sketches. 

The idea was rotting fruit! I spend a lot of time looking at rotting fruit. Pictures of rotting fruit, illustrations and time lapses. I wanted to mesh a almost cartoon interpretation with slap of realism. I knew that I wanted to do an rotting apple so that is where I started. From there I went to a pear and I wanted to stick with fruit that had similar textures so I decided to make my third fruit a plum. Plums do not get enough love as it is so why not make it rot?

And that leads us to my finished stickers. I loved being able to create these little rotten fruit and I feel as though they are well deigned and executed. 



Kaley Sullivan

Kaley Sullivan

Student at Brigham Young University Idaho
Kaley is a communication major at Brigham Young University Idaho with an emphasis in visual media. She is from Brigham City Utah and loves to travel. Kaley has a passion for creativity, design and photography.
Kaley Sullivan

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