The Idea

This project was so fun for me. I’ve really learned a lot while attempting to make this icon set! The idea for this icon set started a long time ago. A while back, I had the desire to one day make cute greeting cards with fun animals on the front. The idea was to one day be able to sell the designs for birthday cards, baby announcements etc. So, this idea has been lingering in the back of my mind for a while but I was waiting to take this class before I started to make them because I knew we designed icons for this class.

When it was finally time to think of something though, I realized I wanted to do something different. I still wanted to do animals but I felt like a bear and a cat were so overdone. That’s when I thought of doing animals a little less popular among the general public like a opossum or skunk. Now, these might not exactly scream “birthday card” but you never know, maybe someone will like my skunk and it will change their life. Who says you have to have a dog on your birthday card anyway? 

The Process

Below are my sketches. You can see by my drawings I didn’t even know where to begin. What does a skunk, beaver, opossum really look like? Are they fat, skinny, short, fat? As you can see by my sketches, I felt like it was really important for me to get the head shape right, because I felt like a lot of the animals had the same general body shape but very distinct head shapes, making them look extremely different.


As you can see by my lovely drafts, I was mostly using  shapes. The one in the bottom right corner was supposed to be a hamster. Yeah, doesn’t really look like one to me either. I was having trouble distinguishing them and making them look like what they were supposed to be. My first draft skunk is still my favorite though. It’s so cute!


After I met with Brother Kerr, he convinced me that as much as I wanted to believe it, skunks didn’t in fact have a completely round body. And believe it or not, no other animal does either. So I looked up each animal on google and studied the shaped of their body to try and make it more accurate to the real shape. I think they tuned out pretty good. A lot better than the direction they were heading before. Contact me if you would like a skunk themed greeting card for your next birthday party!


Sarah Higley

Sarah Higley

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