Rockets and What Not | Vector Paths

As I looked through the gig posters designed by DKNG, this one caught my eye. I was one of those kids who dreamed of going to the moon or becoming a firefighter. I had big dreams and this poster felt like it was saying this concert is like going to space, its an out of this world experience.

  1. As I examined the Design of this poster I realized that it was designed to show a feeling. It was trying to show that this concert is something you cant experience anywhere else, its like like going to space, it is out of this world.
  2. As I further examined this gig poster, It was very apparent that they chose a specific theme in color and used it through the entire to design which gives it a cohesive look and feel.
  3. Lastly, It was interesting to me to see the detail in the rocket, from the small little opening to the shadows and then contrast that with the foreground which is all one shape and color. But the contrast works and the design makes sense

I really enjoyed looking at this piece and thinking about why they did the things they did and how they did it.



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