Blake Clement

Blake Clement

Student at BYU Idaho
I grew up in Central Point Oregon. When I am not creating great content you will find me skiing, playing basketball, or at the gym.
Blake Clement

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Making a gig poster for an imaginary band was a fun project. I think that out of all of the projects I have done this one required the most tweaking and editing from the original idea.

I started off with a lot of different ideas using bands that already existed. I was hoping this would give me some inspiration as to what I wanted to do for my band. I think that this gave me something to work with but I was still trying to find the look that I wanted for my band.


When I created this draft I was pretty unsatisfied with the way that it turned out. I liked the text and the logo but that was about it. The draft just seemed choppy to me and I couldn’t really tell I was trying to go with a wave look at the bottom.

After changing a lot of things around, this is what I came up with for the final draft. I decided that the palm tree needed to look more metal so I had to add dripping blood. I tried to incorporate the text into the wave to give it a more artistic look. I felt like a black background helped the blood drips pop a little bit more.