Gig Poster Project: Robot #7


The main purpose of this project was to design a poster for a fictional band in Adobe Illustrator. I chose to do an electronic band with a name of Robot #7. My plan was to:

  • Start off with sketching
  • Transform sketches into digital artwork
  • Create the final vector illustration and then finishing it with texture.
    • Design was planned to be done without gradients, although halftones, lines, etc are acceptable.

The only other requirements that needed to be on the poster were to include a fictional date, time, place, and name of the band. The information needed to be incorporated in the design.


My process for sketching was to first research robots, creatures, and machinery on websites like Pinterest and Google. This gave me the inspiration the look and feel I wanted. I began by creating both completely original drawings as well as copying creations I liked. My original thought was to use a juxtaposition of happier childlike robots with scarier, darker ones. I ended up going in a different direction by the end.

sketch 1  

Digital Drafts

This little robot head was the first thing I did for the poster. I applied the qualities and attributes I liked in my sketches to this first draft. Normally when I create a digital illustration I will sketch something first on paper. Then I will take a picture of the drawing, place it into my working Illustrator file and then trace it with the pen tool. However, I wanted the freedom to change the way this robot looked without the constraint of sticking to a paper drawing.

Gathering More Inspiration

About the time I was half way through making the robot I got stuck on what I wanted to do with him. Where was he going to be? What would he be doing? What would the environment look like that he is in? I remembered a show I had recently watched called Mr. Robot. “It is a psychological thriller that follows a young programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night.” I liked the idea of a seemingly innocent robot being involved with hacking. In the final design you there are subtle and obvious clues that hint at hacking and the effects of it. The font used in the show’s title was the font I used for the title of my band.

Final Design

I was very pleased with the final design. I spent countless hours on making the robot and got lost a few times. I learned that it’s important to plan out as much of the design, text, colors, etc before you begin. This way you have ideas to rely on and you don’t have to make it up as you. While that can be fun, it is not an efficient way to work.

Final Design

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