There are so many different possibilities that ran through my head when I decided to create a set of stickers. Then let’s be real… Life just hits too hard most of the time. There just are not enough hours in the day for my liking. So by the time I found time to start sketching, my mind was blank. Literally had no thoughts. It was like that moment on Jeopardy when the annoying song comes on… Now that song is in your head, you’re welcome!

Anyways, long story short… This process began by endless hours of staring into space, praying, some crying and finally the start of these stickers.

I sketched for awhile. I hate sketching… BUT I understand the importance of sketching, so I continued to sketch. Then once I came up with a somewhat idea, I took my time to Adobe Illustrator.

I began with Old Faithful. Here is a photo of Old Faithful.

My first draft of Old Faithful… Let’s just say didn’t look like Old Faithful. It looked like something no one wants a sticker of… So after a few more tears, Old Faithful began to take shape. Here my friends, is the final draft of the Old Faithful sticker.

After Old Faithful was made… There, yet again was quite a few moments of confusion and lack of creativity. Then at approximately 12 in the morning, I just decided to make something. Happy thoughts and palm trees later… I had another sticker.

First comes Old Faithful, then comes palm trees, then comes a phone booth in London please.

All in all, this projects was fun! I’m excited to graduate college in seven days and then have time to potentially create more stickers! Everybody pray for more time. That’s what this world needs. TIME! Hope you enjoy my stickers!

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