I have always loved music, I love all types of music. Okay actually maybe not all but most. I think it’s amazing the power that music can have on your mood and society. Music is able to send a powerful memorable message that words can’t do on their own. As I began to think about the band that I wanted to create a gig-poster for I knew that I wanted to do a more alternative pop/ indie band with a more laid back free feeling. I thought about problems that I see in society today and one of the biggest ones I see in almost all ages but especially my generation is the need to always be plugged in.

I was able to have the opportunity to serve a mission for my church for a year and a half and during that time I couldn’t uses social media, play games or watch tv and movies. I was only able to email my family once a week for an hour. The first few months were hard, I felt like I was going through social media withdraws. As time went on I realized that problems that I had before about caring so much about what others thought about me and doing things that other people would think would be fun, and making sure I get a good picture so I could post it weren’t things that affected me anymore. Since I have been home from my mission I have really tried to have more balance in my life with media. I have found that I have a lot more confidence and peace when I don’t spend hours comparing myself to others, surprising huh!?

I had a lot of different ideas on how to convey my message, my problem was narrowing it down. I started to draft a few ideas and I liked a lot of parts but was still unsure how to bring them all together.

As I started to bring my drafts into illustrator I was able to put my ideas together a little more. I got some feedback from my professor to add more action so I added an arm coming out of the brain pulling on the cord suggesting the action of unplugging.

In the end I really liked my design. I have never done anything like this. I don’t think anyone would ever use the word rebellious when talking about me or abstract. I usually like my designs to have a clean clear idea and purpose. I really like doing something different and being able to push my creativity.



I am a communications major at BYU-Idaho with an emphasis in visual communications.

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