Reverse Love: Gig Poster Style | Vector Paths


Create a gig poster through sketching with a paper and pencil, and then taking it to Adobe Illustrator. 



Here is where I started the initial sketches. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do my poster on, so I first started sketching anything and everything about California. 

Later, I scratched the whole “California” idea and wanted to do something with fishing. After a lot more brainstorming and a lot more sketching, I came up with this design sketch:

After these sketches, I went to work in Adobe Illustrator.



Color scheme: All of the colors I used were taken from photo references of each of the objects. The background color (teal blue) was to imitate water, while not being specific to the exact surroundings of this fish. I want the fish/worm/hook to be the focal point.

I struggled the most with layers. When it comes to SO many different strokes for the shading, I was getting lost in my layers. Eventually I just learned the importance of organization. 


Here we have the finished gig poster. I kind of love it. 

More of my work can be viewed at:


Student at Brigham Young University-Idaho
Brianna is a Photographer and Graphic Designer. She was born and raised in Northern California, but currently lives in Rexburg, Idaho with her husband.

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