The purpose of this post is to reverse engineer this icon that is above. By doing this I will be looking at and taking apart pieces of this icon set to better understand why this icons set is good and even why it might be bad. Reverse engineering artwork allows me to look at things differently and apply the principles that look good to my own work as needed. 

Color Scheme: This first item that stands out to me is the color scheme this icon set has. There are 5 different colors that are used in this icon set and I think that doing this makes add contrast but does not make the icons too busy. The bright oranges really make the pieces of furniture stand out on the tan background and allows for our eyes to focus most on those important pieces.

Contrast/Shading: Another thing that really stands out to me is the use of contrast in these icons. The different points of contrast that I have pointed up above allow the icons to have dimension. It helps shade the furniture to know where the light is hitting on each of the pieces of furniture. Without this use of contrast and shading these icons would be dull, flat and boring.


Stroke/Weight: One last thing that stands out to me on these icons is that there is no stroke on any of them and the weight of each of the icons are relevant to each other. In each of these 6 icons there is a brown accent that helps create the furniture itself. Each of these brown accents are all the same weight. Also if there is a circle accent in the icon it is also the same size and weight excluding the lamp which breaks this rule. Having the same weight of different pieces of the icon set really helps wth the consistency throughout the entire icons set.

The one thing that I do not thing goes well with this icon set is the dresser that they have. Although it follows the color scheme, the contrast/shading and the stroke/weight rule it is not inside of the background circle like all of the rest of the icons and I think that detracts from the consistency throughout the icons.

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