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The very first step I take when approaching any creative project is asking myself, “why I am doing this project?” I need to have a purpose behind my work that drives me to the finish, putting forth my best effort along the way. I am always trying to learn new skills while developing my existing skills, and this project has been a combination of both. I know I have so much to learn about art and design and I wanted to work on something that would exercise my creative thinking and the knowledge I already have. I wanted to do this project using Abobe Illustrator as my medium because of its usefulness in the graphic design field and also because it is one of the Adobe program that I haven’t had a chance to fully explore yet.





After finding my purpose for the project, the next step is to come up with the content. I already knew in my mind I wanted to do some sort of time peace, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I model. To help the ideas flow I love to sketch. When I sketch I usually don’t worry too much about how the sketches look, but rather the ideas of the sketch. Here I sketched out a few different types of wrist watches, along with some different watch hand and bands. The sketches allow me to explore some of the basic structure of watches and how they are pieced together.


Once I finally made the decision of what type of watch I wanted to create, it was time to start creating the project digitally. I used Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe Photoshop to create everything for this project. The first step I wanted to take to get me started was get all the basic shapes of the watch down. I wasn’t worried about shading or highlights, simply the main shapes that make up this watch. I also included some of the main colors to get me started in that aspect as well.


Vwalla, the final piece, and what a journey it was. Once I complete creating the basic shapes I moved in to shading, highlights, and textures. These detail were the most time consuming part of this project as well as the most difficult. I notice that when I didn’t get these elements just right, the whole watch looked off. The element that had the biggest effect on how realistic the watch looked was the textures. The textures were by far the hardest part for me to get down, but in the end I was really happy with how they turned out.

 A total of 30 hours was spent creating this watch from start to finish. I learned a great deal about myself, illustrator, and also how to critically analyze objects in the world around me to understand why they look the way they do.




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