Anika Tors: The New Michael Kors | Vector Paths

Honestly this project was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, but it was also the most interesting and exciting thing at the same time! Starting this project from searching online for different watches that I was interested in to waking up at 2am just to adjust the triangles and colors within the diamonds, I would have to say it was definitely worth the hard work put into this project! This has made me see a lot of things in a different light and I am more definitely interested in how to create vector graphics of almost everything we see in our everyday life. 

Let’s start of with my:


Before even thought about sketching ideas for my watch project I just started googling different types of watches. I then narrowed it down to Rose Gold watches because I’ve always loved that color and from there I narrowed it down to Michael Kors watches because their watch designs were so simplistic but also complicated, which made it so appealing to the eye. 


By the time I had finished sketching different watch faces, I still didn’t really have a set watch that I wanted to do so I created a new folder of watch references that I liked from the web. I narrowed those references down to 3 watches and then started creating the base of my watch in illustrator. Highlights, shadows, and 12 sharp edges later and I finally got the basic structure of how I wanted my watch face to look like!

By this time I had kind of got the hang of things and was super stoked to finish up my watch so I could see it from a full view! Little did I know that finishing up the watch would not only take so much time, but also made me extra particular about the little details that I added and took away from the watch! But after about a week and a half later, VIOLA! I finally finished my watch, mostly because I was tired of looking at the watch, but also because it stressed me out so much! I have to say, I am pretty proud with how far I’ve come since the first draft of my watch. 


Even though this watch took long hours of constantly stressing and thinking of different ways I could make my watch even more realistic, I would definitely create another watch from scratch again to gain more experience about the vector world of watches. 

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