Ramen is becoming a staple food not only for college students, but people all over the nation. I wanted to create a simple set of icons to represent the boom of ramen culture. 

I started by sketching my ideas down on paper. I wrote a list of what I wanted, or really just any word that came to mind. I did not want to show a bird’s eye view of ramen, so few of the sketches actually showed that. The bowl shape had to be solid, and not too complicated. The difficult part would be creating ramen in a shape form. I could only imagine scribbly noodles, but as I sketched, I saw them come to life in the simplest form. 

Finally it came time to digitalize these sketches in my brain, and form them in Adobe Illustrator. From the start, I wanted to create a great bowl shape, so I did so using the pen tool, shape tools, and shape builder tool. I had a hard time creating the rice shape I wanted, I was overcomplicating it. The feedback I received was very beneficial, I learned to simplify my ideas even more. So I went back to brainstorming. 

Finally, I came to the conclusion that I was going to create a whole new bowl shape on top of what I already created. This final set of ramen icons, along with rice and dumplings achieves the look I was going for. I got rid of the soup/bowl line and completely got rid of the sushi. Through this, I was able to learn overcomplicating things in design can actually hinder the overall unity and look, so by keeping it simple the objectives can be accomplished. 




Mikelle is a student, a designer, a creator. She studies advertising and has a deep love for design. Not only is she passionate about design, but also travel and the outdoors. Currently a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

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