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We were assigned to create a gig poster for a fake band. We were given complete control of choosing the band name,  what the band stood for, and what the band rebelled against. With a lot of talk of inequality between genders, ethnicities and other communities around the world, I decided to have my band fight for equality of all humanity. I chose the band name Raging Medusa based of a painting called The Raft of Medusa. In the painting a naval ship crashed because of the raging sky. The painting was made during the French Revolution while the people of France were trying to get equal rights for all citizens

Medusa the greek goddess was a monster with snakes across for her hair. She was turned into a monster for punishment for falling in love with Poseidon, God of the Sea. She was known an a symbol of freedom during the French Revolution. 

Here are my sketches.  

For Medusa’s Hair, I decided to make a snake brush so I could make individual lines with full control of the length of the snake. Here is a reference photo I used to make the snake brush.

Here is the painting I used as a reference for Medusa’s face.

Here is my final product.

I struggled making this project because it was difficult for me to have this look weird but yet something I would actually like to look at or buy. I made a brush for the snakes and choose cool colors for the the design of the skin. I then tied the color of the snakes to the hair in front and to the eyes. I gave her red lips for a more feminine look but also frown lines, cheek bone shadow to make her look more angry.  I choose the January 21st, the day for the 2017 women’s march and Pennsylvania Ave, the location the march took place.


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