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Creating an icon set has many challenges, the first being finding the creativity to launch and spark ideas to fill the pages of my sketch book, view accurate photograph references, and create each image. 

I started with some basic sketches, studying an entirely different concept than the one you see. I had originally decided to use a theme involving the movies Inception and Interstellar, but I learned quickly that where you choose to look at sources can cringe your creative style. In an effort to find ideas to sketch I had spent time looking at different designs from other illustrators on the same topic. This severely hindered my creativity and I ended up trying to recreate the work I had already been viewing. It was not until a week and a half into the project that I realized I had to make some changes. I took a new look and decided to sketch ideas for droids and rather than looking at design work, I focused purely on pictures, simply to keep my mind focused on my own creativity rather than trying to mimic someone else’s. 



Photographs – References

The next step was then taking my rough sketches thinking of how to turn them into a reality, this meant that I had grasp an understanding of what each droid was going to look like and how I could break it down into simple shapes. I started by taking droid I planned on designing and finding references that focused on the features around the head. After my last experience I made sure to not saturate my own creative ideas by focusing on others. 

Creating The Illustrations

Now that I had some stronger ideas of what I wanted each image to look like, I began using the simplest shapes I could. With each droid it was essentially made of different circles, squares, and lines. As I sought to analyze each image I saw that using this shapes provided the outlines I needed to express the various characters. 

I then dove into different color schemes and revitalized different images and ideas. I also had to come up with a way to showcase each illustration while creating unity. I chose to go with polaroid images as an example. The end result was the following: 

Spencer Wind

Spencer Wind

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Spencer Wind

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