Que Lo Que Dominican Style | Vector Paths


I started thinking that I wanted to do a camping theme and make all my stickers be about nature. I then decided I wanted to do something that meant a little more to me. I served my mission in the Dominican republic and there they have a slang for “what’s up” which is “que lo que” I decided to center my theme around that. I sketched the words and then chose to make a coconut because I had one of these every day and a gecko because they would fall from the ceiling on a daily basis. 



I have always wanted to do a geometric low poly type of design in something so I figured why not now? I really like how it makes them look abstract but you can still tell what the stickers are. 


To finalize everything I made an outline around the entire shape and then added a bit of a shadow just for more texture and detail. I really like how they finally turned out. 

Overall this was a long process but once I chose something I really cared about it made things go smoothly. I think my skill set is developing more and I finally know my way around the tools in Illustrator!

Taya Skalla

Taya Skalla

Student at BYU-Idaho
Taya Skalla is a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Artist. She is a student at BYU-Idaho where she is studying to learn more about design. She is from Colorado and enjoys spending time outdoors and this helps inspire a lot of her artwork.
Taya Skalla

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