A King’s Crown (Get It?) | Vector Paths

I am happy to say, change is good in some places. I was given the chance to choose what I wanted to do for my 12 icon logos in vector graphics. I originally was going to go with my initials, “AOK”. Whenever I got hurt as a kid growing up, the other kids would ask me, “Are you A-OK”. And I would reply, “yup, I’m AOK”, even when the wind was knocked out of me. s

I started out by Sketching designed I liked. Our professor gave us the advice to get as many sketches down that come to your mind. I ended up with these. 

After I was done sketching I turned them into illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. Over the weekend though, I started to not like them till brother Kerr didn’t like them either. I quickly then came up with the idea to use crowns because my last name is “King”.

I ended with these twelve crown’s that I could see Kings, Queens, Princes, and Pope’s wearing. I learned that sometimes the first idea isn’t always the best idea. Initials are very rarely icons.

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