What the heck is a Gig Poster? I had no idea until it was introduced to me in class two weeks ago. I am definitely one who thinks more logically and designs the same way so this project really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had a hard time figuring out how to conceptualize everything but when it finally came together I was very satisfied with the result.


As I began the ideation process of conceptualizing the genre of music I had chosen, I struggled to know what to design. I chose Imagine dragons as my type of music and I felt like their songs talk a lot about frustration with the world and things that are out of our control. I tried to think of a verb or action that might depict this and I thought of weightlifting. I wanted to show even the strongest person cannot change the world by themselves, but they can try and they can rally others. I started by drawing and I actually started with a very ripped human but decided to depict the beast inside of the human instead. I looked at a few different images of a gorilla to design this and began my work in illustrator.


After I had decided on what to design, I struggled, even more, to know what to put in the background. I thought about the scene and I imagined someone working out in an old building with bricks and so I designed this background. But I was very dissatisfied with it and I wanted to do something that had more meaning. I then realized I was trying to depict a human doing superhuman things and I knew what it was missing. I decided to make it look more like a comic book to add to the theme of doing things that are impossible. I used the distort and transform tool in the effects panel to make the colorful explosion background as seen in a comic book.


I am very happy with the way my designed GIg Poster turned out and I think it truly conveys the message I was trying to make. This is how you would feel if you attended the Primal Instinct concert. You would identify with all those trying to make a difference even when it doesn’t seem to change a thing. You would feel the frustration, yet success in knowing you are giving it your absolute all. Designing this was probably one of the harder things I have done thus far in my design career but I am grateful that it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I know know that even if I don’t feel comfortable, I can still create good work with a little extra effort.



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