PIVOTing towards Friends | Vector Paths


My design inspiration for these icons came from the iconic tv show, Friends. This is a show my personal family has watched for ages. As a student studying visual communications, I’ve begun to recognize “advertisable” pieces of pop culture within the last two and a half years of my studies. Friends has so many memorabilia-worthy pieces throughout it’s ten seasons. Take a look at my process below, as I explored those pieces and turned them into one cohesive piece. 

The process started as all do, in sketches. Personally, I began with a word list of every iconic piece from the sitcom of which I could think. The Central Perk mug, door frame, Turkey head, couch and Spudnik were some of the first to come to mind. The ideas expanded from there.


After some thought and additional sketching, I found that some of my original ideas wouldn’t flow as well. 9 or 10 of my sketches gave me good ideas, but it was back to the drawing board for a few more. Eventually, I came up with a total list for my Friends Icons. The designing process began.

When creating my icons, I put a lot of thought into representing the character of the show. Friends carries story lines that are always chaotic, humorous and a bit scatter-brained — all with clear intent, of course. It’s colorful characters and wit is what makes the show so great. I felt it important to represent such color and character in these icons to properly represent the essence of the show.

The pen tool and blob blush tools were mainly used in order to create this playful effect. I chose not to shy away from color and go full-force in order to display each of these iconic pieces from the show. This project took approximately 15 hours to complete. Below, you can see my finished product.

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