Piedmont Brewery REP | Vector Paths

Disclaimer: I do not drink and I am not trying to advocate for a brand that produces alcohol. I just really like their graphic. 

I found this graphic really eye catching and interesting. I think that it looks kinda of like a gig poster which is fun because it goes along really well with what we are doing right now! Something that I think makes this graphic really great is that it flows really well and it looks like everything fits together really well. I also think that the colors are cool, though they are not the best contrasting colors, I think it works. 

I really like how this graphic creates a feel for their brand without using a lot of words. They have this awesome skull with a pine-cone (I think it’s a pine-cone?) as the brain. Also the typography they use really creates a feeling about the brand. 


Something else that is cool is that although they are creating a feel of the brand with color/shapes, they also describe their brand with words that are included in the graphic. This is cool because this graphic is not just a graphic, it is informational and promotional. 

Something that I found interesting was that they had a lot of little lines within the graphic. It is cool because it fits well with what they are trying to do, but it does create a bit of busyness. I feel like they added the lines to fill in the space, but I wonder if this graphic would benefit from taking those lines away. 

Overall, I think that this graphic looks really nice, though it does have some flaws. 

Brittany Riboldi

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