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Starting this project was interesting. I began with the assignment to create a gig poster for a make believe band that was rebelling against something in society they didn’t agree with. In order to create a gig poster however, I first needed to create the band, their message and their tone. I began by identifying what type of music they played. I then moved on to create a word map of different ideas and concepts that came to me based on the key words that described their music. I found that this was the wrong approach. I struggled with this because it was far to broad – there were so many different directions I could take it. I needed a more narrowed focus.

So I started again. This time I started by thinking about what kind of things in society I personally didn’t agree with. I came up with a good sized list but I wanted it to be something unique and personal to me. The concept I chose to ‘rebel’ against was the concept of a perfect life. There are many great causes to fight for and many wrong in the world that need corrected, but one that influences me personally on a more inward level are my own thoughts. Thoughts of everyone else’s life being perfect, of everyone else having their lives put together and that I, in comparison, am failing. This is a battle many people silently fight. I have seen people’s confidence fade and desire to try destroyed because they think they can not win. Really this concept and idea that get into peoples heads is a lie. So this is the concept that I wanted to fight. I wanted to protest that the perfect life does not exist. 

Once I had my concept down my brainstorming and word mapping went much better – I began thinking of what is perfection, and what symbols of perfection are known in society. How are lies represented? How is imperfection known as? I began sketching out composition and layouts as I went. After some more word mapping and sketching I came up with a few key words: white and roses for purity and perfection, green for lies and deceit, and black for imperfection. I explored these ideas further and came up with some composition ideas. I also did some research on poster styles and what I kind of emotion I wanted it to portray. I decided to go with a flat look similar clean screen print art.



Before I began digital sketching, I did some visual research. Roses are rather complex, and I wanted to present the perfection of a rose realistically. Once I had some references to go off of, I began the digital drafting process. Once finished with my first draft, I found that I didn’t like the composition –  It was standard and uninteresting and there where too many elements than where just cluttering the image.

After receiving some feedback I determined that one of the biggest problems was that the rose was taking up a very small amount of real-estate for it being the most important part of the image. I decided to re-arrange and delete certain elements to improve the composition and provide a more narrowed focus. Focusing on contrast and a 2/3 1/3 ratio I re-created the composition. Along with this, I also worked to create lines that represented the flower petals correctly by use of lost and found lines. Some of the feedback I received also thankfully pointed out some of my lines that twisted back on themselves. I carefully went through and corrected this as well and made sure all of the lines that needed to be aligned where done so correctly

This was in interesting project to work on, and I learned a lot about the importance of narrowing your focus throughout the brainstorming and composing stages of the design. Through this narrowed brainstorming I was able to pin point the concept I wanted to convey and design with more purpose. In the end, the composition’s contrast and scale emphasized the main message, and representative colors added extra meaning and depth. Together these things moved the viewer to recognize that not all things that looks perfect are –  and even further to realize that perfection is not for this world. 




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