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This has been my favorite project so far this semester. It has allowed for me to be more creative, and I felt I had no limits. When coming up with a gig poster, I had a pretty good idea in mind. I started by determining the sound of the band I was creating it for. I was inspired mostly by Lana Del Rey for the sound, which I looked it up and she is categorized as “Indie-Pop”. The first thing I did after this, was I began sketching.


I knew I wanted to play with negative space, as well as experiment with creating hair. I also played with the floral lungs idea, but I was more passionate about practicing my skills with drawing women/hair. The next thing I did was figure out my color scheme. In the past I’ve struggled with making sure my colors are hues that go well together, as well as using too many colors. Deciding this first definitely helped me a lot.

After sketching I began creating in illustrator. I used a pen tablet so that I could make my illustration more hand-drawn looking. I started with the woman, and I was very happy with the way she turned out. I then decided I wanted to put her on a background that made her pop. I then made the banana leafs and added text.

Please forgive the colors, when I exported it I forgot to fix the settings. But other than that, I felt like this was a good start! I knew that I needed to clean up her hair, and I absolutely wanted to change the text. I also wanted to add more color to the background. Here is my next draft:

After cleaning everything up and changing the background color, it was time for me to play with the text. I honestly felt like this was the hardest part! This was the first thing I got:

I didn’t mind it, but I felt like it over-powered my image. I didn’t want it to take away from the illustration. I decided that it needed to be simpler, so I made it smaller and used more negative space. I also decided to add just a hint of texture by using halftones. Here is how my final turned out:

Stephanie Holcombe

Stephanie Holcombe

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