Paper Houses reminds me of playing pretend with my siblings. We would make everything out of paper. Our world was limitless. Growing older has brought me out of this imaginary world into a real world where it is a lot harder to have happy homes and relationships. I wanted to go for a moody indie type of band. 

Some of my sketches were far out and went in very different directions. I did many designs that didn’t seem to work. As soon as I realized that, I moved on and tried to brainstorm with different creative techniques. 

After I decided on the band name, I wanted a design that brought out certain feelings. Rain has a way of bringing alive emotions that are lodged deep into our souls. Raindrops can remind us of tears from the deepest sadness or joy. They can bring out ideas of repentance and becoming clean. They can also set the mood to the perfect romantic dance or for reading a book. 

The 2 dimensional look and the chipped texture come from the idea that paper is seen as 2 dimensional. But even though it has that element, it also has depth because of the shadows. This makes it look like it is almost made out of paper. 

The girl with the umbrella is the obvious focal point of the entire poster. At first, she was white, but I lessened the contrast a little to make the poster seem more warm. She is the one who makes meaning out of the rain around her. If she had been crying, the rain would have looked more sad. 

For the name of the band, “Paper Houses”, I used a script font that wasn’t Papyrus. I wanted it to look organic and made by hand to go along with the paper feel of the rest of the poster. The details for the event are clearly visible and in a clean sans-serif font.

Everything is center aligned to create a moment. The rain leads back to the girl and she points back at them. The type give a foundation to it all.


I love to create beautiful interactions that help people enjoy their lives.

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