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I had no idea what to expect going into this- I just knew that it was going to be hard, and I knew it was going to be worth it. I actually never wear or buy silver jewelry, and it surprised me that throughout this entire process my personal tastes actually interfered with my design process 100%. I kept debating whether or not to turn my entire watch gold and start from scratch to make it something more my taste, but I decided to challenge myself and make a silver watch to overcome staying within my comfort zone, and work to keep the hints of gold that were in the original picture. I think I tend to lean towards gold jewelry because it feels classier, so I also decided to make the entire watch silver so that I could make a women’s watch design that felt classy, but was also silver and I’m pleased with how that feel of the watch turned out. I love small, delicate jewelry, so this watch has in mind the design for women like me, who like the look of delicate, simple and classy jewelry. 

To the Drawing Board 










I knew exactly what I wanted for the design of this watch, which never happens; so at first sketching seemed mundane to me; but I soon discovered that sketching helped me to focus on the individual components of a watch-the hands, the screws in the lugs metal wristbands, the bend of the lugs and the individual lines that make up the texture of the knobs on a watch. I surprised myself with this-I am by no means an artist but when I took the time to observe the details of the watches I was basing my sketches off of, my sketches I took time on-like the metal wristband-actually turned out better than I knew I was capable of! Now if only the design process was this easy…

The Struggle is Real- the Draft

This was by far the biggest example to me of how getting attached to your draft can ruin you in the end. It was the second week of the design process, and I was honestly really proud of what I had initially created as my draft, but I knew something was wrong when I looked at it and felt content. To be honest, it was the last night before the final deadline and I felt so stuck. I was stumped as to how to make it more realistic and I went from loving it to hating it. I found things that were wrong with it that I hadn’t noticed before, and to be honest I saw a picture of another gold watch and wanted to start all over and I was so close to starting over from scratch but I decided to go off of this one. As is made apparent by my draft, I struggled with color selection. I had tried the eyedropper tool to match the color of the hands and other components, but it just made them red so I tried a gold tone, but I ended up wanting to match silver with silver for my final draft. 



The biggest challenge of this entire design process was trying not to compare my progress with finished vector watches. I had to constantly remind myself that I wasn’t trying to recreate the elements of someone else’s work, I was trying to recreate the elements of a photograph. I look at it now and realize that it could potentially never be done, but I am honestly really happy with the direction the watch took from my draft. I changed a couple of things from the picture, as I had previously mentioned the hands and the knob on mine are silver rather than a red/rose gold color, and I implemented some texture patterns on the wrist band, and I really tweaked the reflection on the rim of the watch, and I’m so happy with that turned out! I really think that the reflections came the longest way from the draft. 



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