Starting out on this project I knew I wanted to do Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I started off by drawing stitch in several poses as well as several of the items that stitch is often seen with. My main focus with this project was to focus on making him convey an emotion through his facial features. I knew that to accomplish this I needed to focus most of my attention to his eyes and ears.

This was the first stitch I drew. I wanted him to look sad on this sticker as she is often seen as send when with “The Ugly Duckling” book. I liked how his eyes looked sad, but to me his eyes looked surprised. I played around with his ears a little till I felt they looked sad.


The next sticker I did was of stitch playing the guitar. I wanted him to look excited. I looked at several pictures on line and realized that when stitch is excited he looks almost evil with his squinted eyes.

My final sticker is of stitch in pajamas. This one was probably the most difficult to get the facial expressions right. I wanted him to look kind of like a cat that is very confused as to why its owner just put it in clothes. I changed up his eyes are eye multiple times. In the end I feel like I get really close to a good confused cat look.

Over all I am happy with how things turned out on my stitch stickers.


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