During the course of this project, every time I looked up from working on my watch, I was in shock that I’d been working for so long; hence my title.

This project was a crazy one. My goal was to make a vector, photo-realistic time piece. The amount of time that went into this was insane. I cannot even begin to describe every little detail that had to be looked at on it’s own. But here’s a run down of my whole process…


I started out looking at photos of watches that I liked. I picked a few and then sketched what I liked the most about them. I tried to pay attention to shapes and lighting.

During sketching I settled on a watch that I really liked. It was Kate Spade. I decided to take out and change a few things about it to make it more “my style”, like getting rid of the iconic spade, removing the bling -eww- and making the colors and shapes look more matte.

First Tries

I started out making the backbone of my watch face and went from there. I added light and shadows which, of course, were changed and fixed later on. I got feedback that they looked a little muddy on my first draft so I fixed them up later. Then I went for the band connectors. Getting those to look realistic was pretty difficult and it took a LONG time. Next I added in the knobs and band itself. Here’s my incomplete “half way” draft.

Getting it Right

I was having a really hard time with my watch after working for hours on it. So I decided to take a step back and take a break. I gave it a few days and then went back to my project.

I realized that if I could focus on one section rather than the whole watch, everything was simpler and I didn’t feel so overwhelmed. I did this by grouping and layering everything meticulously. I now have a deep love of Illustrator layers. I’ll never go back to sloppily organized graphics.

I added in all of the details on my watch face and paid particular attention to light and shadow on the hands of my watch. I kept my watch band a smooth leather, as I would prefer it and gave my watch face a little color, just to spice it up.

Here’s what I came up with:

On the left is the original photo that I used to centered my design around, the middle is my complete design and on the right is a highlighted version of the final vector.

The light and shadows create a real-life feel as do all of the tiny detail that you wouldn’t necessarily see at first when looking at a photo of a watch.

This project was crazy hard but I had a great time doing it!

Page Sias

Page Sias

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