The job was to create and design a gig poster for a band you create. This project really stretched my creativity and allowed me to do illustrations that I wouldn’t normally do or think of. My objective for this project is to create simple poster that sends a message.

I first started out by coming up with a band name. So what did I do? I found a band name generator on the internet to see what it could come up with. A lot of the times this band name generator would just mash 2 or 3 random words together (which how most bands get there name right?) but it actually came up with some good titles that I really liked. One that caught my name was offshore dweller. I liked the name but wanted to make it more simple so I just went with the name Offshore.

Now that I got my name I can start sketching. I honestly had no idea where this poster was going to go but I knew that I wanted to make it different and interesting. I wanted this poster to have the essence of what music Offshore would play. I picture Offshore playing music that is natural yet unpredictable which is where I started off my sketches. Mountains and trees are both natural and unpredictable yet that didn’t really relate to what I thought Offshore would be. And from there things started to get a little strange.

After sketching I took some of the ideas and ran with them. I really fell in love with the idea of an old school scuba mask and so I stuck with that. I thought about making the scuba mask into the moon with some water and rocks below it but realized I didn’t really like the way it was turning out so I scratched that idea.

I realized that I needed to make my poster relatable to my target audience. So I decided to put the scuba mask onto a person wearing a normal old t-shirt. And this is where I really started to like how my poster was turning out. I added the band name and uploaded the version below to slack. I got a lot of comments that the band name was really hard to read so that I should change the font.

After some more critique from my classmates and teacher I changed the font that I was using to make it more legible and also go rid of the background that I had. I added the date and place that my band would be playing to really make it a real gig poster.

I accomplished my objective by making this poster simple with the color scheme and illustrations and by making the poster to have a message. The message of this poster will depends on how you see it and will vary from person to person. So, what does this poster say to you?



Baylie Jones

Baylie Jones

Hello! Im Baylie Jones. I’m an Arizona native, graphic designer, and photographer with big dreams. Currently obsessed with: Panera, puppies, and succulents. Keepin' it real since 1996.
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