Cats have a reputation for Christmas tree mischief, and my cat Baxter lived up to this infamous behavior  He used to knock the bulbs off our family Christmas and line them up at the top of our stairs. When he had amassed a sizable lineup, he would knock them one-by-one down the stairs with a few swats of his paw. It was his favorite destructive pastime, and we eventually had to transition from glass to plastic Christmas bulbs. My objective for this project was to create a looping, vector-based animation. With Christmas trees and memories running rampant at this time of year, I decided to create an ode to my favorite puddy cat, Baxter Pud. 

Christmas Cat Sketches

Because I had a fairly clear vision of what I wanted to do, my sketching went a lot smoother than usual. It really helped to try to sketch frames of the animation, to get a better idea of how things move. 

Christmas Cat Draft 1

I really struggled with the stairs for this vector draft.I tried to add more depth to them, but the adjustments I made didn’t fit in relation to the cat and how I wanted to animate the bulb. After receiving a few critiques, I decided to add an eye to the cat for a little more detail. I didn’t want to have too much detail, because I wanted to go for a silhouette effect to add emphasis to the bulb. I also added a shadow to the stairs to make them look more like stairs. I feel like the composition needed something more, so I added a moon to the illustration. I eventually removed it because after receiving feedback, I realized it wasn’t consistent with my shadows and how I had indicated the light source for all of the objects. 

Christmas Cat Final

For my final animation, I feel like I captured the personality of a cat with the general indifference and tail twitch. I also threw a lot of Christmas bulbs down stairs to figure out how the movement should look. With my final product, I am happy with how I captured my memory of a mischievous Christmas cat. 



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