I have no idea what this poster is about, mainly because I can’t read the language. But I’d like to think its either a poster for an indie film or band. That’s the mood that is set with the simple design and the blue color scheme. 

The first thing your eyes are drawn to is the text. I like the fluidity of the letters, and how they fit well with each other. I also really like embellishments on the letters of the tree branches. The use of lights and darks work well here as well. I think there aren’t more than 4 or 5 colors used in this whole poster.

The last thing I noticed from this poster is where your eyes are drawn to. In photography, we are taught to frame photos in such a way that they our eyes are drawn to a certain point. In this design, the trees and the branches make us look towards the words, the people, and the mountains. 

LeeAnn Shaffer

LeeAnn Shaffer is a student studying Communications at BYU Idaho. She's passionate about human rights, hiking, and food, but not so much about design. She hopes to start law school in 2 years.

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