Not So Fly For a Penguin 

Since I was a little girl I have done dance, whenever I was doing ballet I was towards the front for performances, but as soon as it was time to do a hip-hop dance I was places in the back corner because I am not “fly”. I decided that I wanted a shirt poking fun of my lack of “coolness” while I was at a dance practice learning a hip-hop number. I had been sketching for the majority of the day and as soon as this idea came to me I knew I needed to add it to my t-shirt idea sketchpad. 

Sketching Time

While I was sketching different t-shirt ideas, I became super fixated on the idea of having an animal on my shirt because of how much I love animals. Something that I love about sketching is that it gives my brain a chance to puke all of my thoughts and ideas onto paper in an easy to understand (to me) way. 

Rough Draft 

I spend a ton of time on my rough draft researching different ways to create fonts on Youtube. I gathered what I liked best from each of the videos that I likes and I added my own style to the text. I love doing projects this way because I am able to learn so much from other designers besides my teacher and husband when I watch videos. 

Final Design

I love how my final design turned out! I took the critique from my teacher and fixed tangents, made things more even and fixed my penguins beak. I spend forever cleaning up my anchor points and moving my text around until I felt like it was visually appealing. In all, I’m pretty pleased with how my fly penguin turned out!

On A Mock-Up



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My name is Janae Harker and I'm from Salt Lake City. I enjoy long hikes, photography and designing. My passion for art is fueled by emotion and a desire to always learn more. I am a Visual Communication major focussing on advertising with an anticipated graduation date in July 2017. I hope to work for a large corporation photographing or designing advertisements.

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