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Film is a passion of mine, and my goal was to create an icon set that highlighted some part of that. I settled on Noir, a classic film genre. Noir films bring to mind high-contrast, black and white film. They often muse on the murky morales of society. In this set I focused on items common to the genre. A secondary, personal goal was to find out what I did not know about vector illustration.

I knew that with my limited artistic experience, I would likely stick mostly with side or frontal views of each object, and avoid two-third angles. However, I attempted such angles in the initial sketching phase. It is also during this phase that I experimented with shading.

As I moved into Illustrator, I continued to experiment with shading. I found that adding highlights was rather easy on simple shapes such as a cylinder; objects such as the suitcase handle I found more challenging. With the deadline approaching, I decided to restart and limit myself to lines, and exclude shading.

When I decided to restart, I looked at a bunch of other icon sets, and read what I could about the creation of them. I determined a few guidelines. First, I created my own icon grid guide to maintain some consistent size throughout the set. Second, all strokes would be 3 px wide. I discovered this wouldn’t always work, and for some icons there are thinner or thicker strokes; but I only broke this rule when I found it necessary. By limiting myself to strokes, I was able to focus on creating easily recognizable shapes, and in that endeavor I feel that I succeeded. In creating these icons, I was also able to find areas of improvement, and that I also consider a success.



I am a Communications Major, emphasizing in Video Production. I have a long background in animation, primarily stop-motion and CG, and I currently work with AV Production at BYU-Idaho, doing animation, graphics creation and camera work.

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